How to start networking if you are an introvert? 

Have you ever felt that you want to know more people and connect with them, but you are stuck because you are an introvert? You don’t know how to start and what should you do. You are quite overwhelmed. 

I do understand that feeling. As an introvert, I did face the same situation before this. 
Don’t know how to start or what should I say. Then I realize that if I keep thinking like that, I won’t go far in my life. 

I start challenging myself to network and talk with more people. 

Whenever I saw a post that invite people to come and network, I would say yes to that session (only if I’m available at that date or time). From time to time, I improve my communication skill and began to like meeting new people. 

So if you are an introvert and would like to start networking, here are two (2) tips that I can give to you. These tips are from my own experience. 

1. The right mindset 
Networking can help you learn more from others. Put in your mindset that you are there to learn and know people. You are not going to the battlefield and fighting the war. Hence, don’t feel so stressed and too hard on yourself. 

When your mindset is about learning and building relationships, you will relax a bit. Enjoy the moment. Who knows what opportunity waits for you during the session? 

2. Be interested in people 
I know the fear of not knowing what to talk about. When you meet new people, you will feel.
“Alamak, nak cakap apa ni?” 

My advice is you can ask about people in front of you. 

Example of questions:
– What they are doing right now? 
– What is their business? 

Be interested in them 

When you do this, slowly you will feel comfortable and eventually you will talk more!
How do I know this? Because this is how I do the ice-breaking. 

Networking sessions or even coffee sessions can help you know and learn more from others. You can share your experience as well. At first, you might be awkward but eventually, if you keep improving yourself, you will get better. 

As #theBoldIntrovert who are not afraid to try, my communication skill gets better when I start meeting people and building relationships with them. 

So try it yourself. Hopefully, you get something from my sharing today. 

P/s: The picture in my post today is the networking session I attend on September 2022.

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