How to optimize your LinkedIn profile and build more connections?

Growing on LinkedIn is not just about posting content and expecting people to come to your profile. It’s not like that.

There are a lot of things you can look into such as:
– Content: What content are you focusing on? Each person has different content and stories.
– Profile: Set up your profile so that people know what you do.

This year, I start exploring LinkedIn and sharing my knowledge here. So far, it’s been an interesting journey for me. This month, I start meeting people from LinkedIn for coffee chats and exchange experiences.

While I start sharing my experience and knowledge, I start to make a few changes to my profile.

Here are my learning lessons for setting up my profile:
1. Banner
On your LinkedIn profile, you can put a banner. If you are not a pro designer, you can use Canva to design that for use. Put the necessary information on the banner. Some people put website link, keywords, etc.

2. Profile photo
Get a clear profile photo and put it on your LinkedIn profile photo. Let people see your face.

3. Headline
In the headline section, tell people what you do.

4. Golden opportunity – The microphone
If you notice beside my name, Zulaikha Mohd, there is a microphone emoticon there. Some people use that to let people know how to pronounce their names.

Do you know that you can use that as your elevator pitch?
Yes, you can. Just click on my microphone.

(Elevator pitch is a short introduction of who you are and what you do)

From these four (4) tips, you can see where you want to adjust your profile. If you are serious about growing your presence on LinkedIn, start to optimize your profile.

Hopefully, this sharing helps you.

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